Dry Utility Coordination

“Dry utilities” include gas, electric, internet/broadband, telecommunications services, which are often critical infrastructure components for many projects.  Coordination of dry utility services is often caught in a “gray area” of responsibilities between the owners, utility providers, contractors, and engineers.  We offer a professional point of coordination ensuring efficient planning, timely applications, conflict resolution, informed stakeholders, and streamlined schedules.  We have developed extensive industry relationships to help navigate and optimize the dry utility coordination process.  Additionally, we can provide 3D Modeling of underground project infrastructure to facilitate conflict identification and relocation corridors.  As public rights-of-way and urban infill spaces become increasingly clogged with old utility infrastructure, dry utility coordination has become more important for risk and schedule mitigation. We understand that nuances between project types and the obligations for Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) on certain project types require a tailored scope for each project and client.

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