Restoration & Renovation

Restoration and renovation is selected for many projects to avoid lost revenue from reconstruction, meet existing obligations, achieve sustainability goals, and preserve intrinsic cultural value. We work with owners and designers to evaluate the feasibility of structural modifications, especially with regard to code compliance and required building upgrades.

Martin/Martin has a dedicated team passionate about the reuse of existing buildings and conservation of cultural heritage. Informed by extensive experience, we apply creative solutions to help clients preserve these assets while modifying and repairing to meet current demands. Our experience includes work with special historic building materials such as cast iron, adobe, heavy timber, load bearing stone, and clay tile arch floors. These types of materials are often not addressed by modern building codes, requiring the use of historic document review, informed judgement, and experience to develop safe and economical solutions. We also can asses facilities for concrete repair needs, prolonging the life and use of buildings in Colorado's harsh climate.

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