Mass Timber

Pioneering the Mass Timber movement, Martin/Martin has played a pivotal role in groundbreaking projects like the Kibbie Dome Stadium at the University of Idaho. Our portfolio extends to modern structures, including office buildings, residential complexes, and long-span roofs for stadiums and arenas. With our extensive expertise in diverse building types and structural systems, we are the ideal collaborators for incorporating timber into your project’s design. Mass Timber is a key component in our toolkit, offering numerous benefits for construction such as fire resistance, natural beauty, biophilic design, swift assembly, and environmental sustainability. Our team is deeply engaged in Mass Timber research, contributing to the field through initiatives like the Charles Pankow Foundation and other efforts to advance the use of Mass Timber in the construction industry.

Mass Timber represents a leap forward in construction materials, comprising solid or composite engineered wood products designed to withstand fire through charring. By utilizing Mass Timber, we can significantly lower the building sector’s carbon footprint, thanks to its carbon-sequestering capabilities, use of renewable resources, and its ability to replace high-embodied-carbon materials such as concrete and steel.

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