Structural Engineering


Martin/Martin has been providing structural engineering design of all sizes and types of buildings and other structures regionally, nationally and internationally for over 60 years.  Founded by esteemed educator Milo Ketchum in 1945, our practice has been built around developing the professionals that work in our firm.  In response to client challenges, our Principals have in turn branched out in many unique niche areas of design giving rise to the breath of our practice.  With over 60 structural engineers on staff we can address projects of any scale.

Our design philosophy is to tap our vast expertise by collaborating on projects large and small.  Our mix of work that features stadiums to schools and public art to hospitals provides constant challenges to our staff and creates well rounded professionals. While our clients are served via a close personal relationship with a single manager, internally we bring together many engineers to share ideas and experience from past projects.  This collaborative effort gets projects started in the right direction and provides the quality control needed for success.  Our staff has expertise with all common construction materials and structural systems as well as some that are not so common.  In addition we recycle the lessons learned from a large investigations and forensics team to further improve our design.  We focus on economical designs that are not only efficient in terms of materials, but are easily constructed.

Great design is achieved when Structural Engineering and Architecture are fully integrated.  We strive to serve our clients by understanding and supporting their vision of unique and meaningful spaces for people. Martin/Martin is proud of our legacy of creativity and innovation and strives to carry forward these ideals in our projects.

Building DesignB-RalphCarr-1

New Buildings – Design of new structures represents the core of Martin/Martin’s structural engineering practice.  Our resume includes projects from comfort stations and data centers to high rises and stadiums, regionally, nationally and internationally. Martin/Martin has provided structural engineering design associated with an annual average of $3B of new construction in recent years.

Remodel and Reuse – As the inventory of built environment continues to grow, more and more structures are being improved, modified and reclaimed.  Martin/Martin designs structural modifications to hundreds of buildings each year.  These include modifying floor layout and loading, adding vertical transportation, support of new equipment and re-cladding of older structures. Many of our remodel projects are tenant finish in the buildings that we have designed over the last 60 years.

Long Span StructuresB-BangkokAIT1

Our engineers are experts in the design of longspan structures. Longspan can be defined as structures with spans longer then 60ft. These typically include facilities which require large, unobstructed areas within the structure. Longspan project types include arenas and stadiums, convention centers, performing arts, airport terminals and airport hangers. Martin/Martin’s longest longspan structure was designed and constructed for Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The longspan “Megatruss” spans the distance of 210 meters or 689  feet.

Special StructuresB-Shipart-3

What defines a “special structure?” The engineers at Martin/Martin have had the privilege to work in conjunction with many of today’s leading artists, collaborating in design and supporting public artwork across the World. Several of the multitude of special structures our engineers have completed have been for Cruise Lines such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines. These artworks require special loading considerations such as roll, pitch and heave movement. Additionally we have designed the structure for public art displays across the country. Artists Martin/Martin has collaborated with include: Dennis Oppenheim, Coosje van Bruggen, Claes Oldenburg, Dale Chihuly, Larry Kirkland, Heidi Lippman, Donald Lipski, David Griggs, Lawrence Argent, Don Mitchell, Ira Sherman, Jonathan Stiles, James Turrell, John McEnroe, Bernar Venet , Warren Seelig, Sherri Gibson and Janet Echelman.

Additional services offered include: Temporary Structures; Movable Structures; Industrial Process Structures and Rigging.

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Integrated Project Design – IPD stresses collaboration between team members and emphasizes breaking down the “silos” of design and encouraging decisions to be made for the betterment of the project rather than the betterment of one organization vs. another. Martin/Martin has demonstrated its ability to work well together through expeditious communication, coordination and facilitation on hundreds of projects. Martin/Martin has been both the prime and subconsultant on these types of projects.

Design-Build – Martin/Martin (M/M) has completed hundreds of design-build (D-B) projects and is experienced in working for/with General Contractors as the Engineer of Record on building projects.  We served on dozens of projects as the specialty engineer for the steel fabricator, cold-formed steel fabricator, repair contractor or other entity. An active member of DBIA, M/M has had a seat on the board of the local chapter for a number of years. Our experience has demonstrated to us that this method of delivery can streamline the traditional process without compromising quality and, in almost every case, the project can be delivered in less time.

Building Information Modeling – BIM has brought design, documentation, construction of projects and facilities management together allowing for better integration of architectural, structural, and MEP design through 3-dimensional (3D) modeling of buildings. BIM allows intelligent information regarding building components to be stored in a parametric database along with the graphic 3D model. Martin/Martin’s structural department has committed to the use of Revit Structure by Autodesk to produce full 3D virtual models of buildings and other structures. We are currently using BIM to produce all new projects in the office and have trained all of our engineering staff to produce with Revit Structure.

Special AnalysisA1-Blast

Blast Resistance – Martin/Martin has been providing blast-resistant building design since 1986. Our earliest blast design work was for petrochemical companies. Since 1998 we have been utilizing our blast resistant design and progressive collapse expertise for security planning and the design of significant General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, while still continuing our work for petrochemical companies. A combination of blast expertise, along with the creativity of our structural engineering practice, has helped us develop a unique approach to defensive design. Our designs are not bulky or fortress-like; they are ductile, redundant and highly resistant to progressive collapse.

Feasibility and Consulting – Martin/Martin participates in dozens of studies each year to assess the feasibility of projects involving new or existing building and other structures.  Our capability in Investigations of existing structures combined with our innovative designs has been a key to success in many re-use projects.  Studies include site selection, concept design, pricing concepts and continued maintenance.

Peer Review/Plan Review – Martin/Martin offers value to projects even when we are not selected to complete the design of the project.  We are often retained by Owners, other Designers, Contractors and government/building departments to offer independent review of structural design completed by others.  Each review is tailored to the needs of the client.  In some cases our work is focused on constructability and generating value engineering suggestions for the construction contractor.  Plan review on behalf of a building department or other public agencies is typically focused on code compliance.

Additional services offered include: Vibration Analysis and Seismic Analysis.

Construction EngineeringA1-ConstructionSrvs2

The Martin/Martin CES Team was formed to serve our contractor partners and bring value to our projects with expanded involvement during the construction phase. The CES Team can assist with a contractor’s on-site engineering needs and provide a variety of specialty engineering services. We also produce enhanced fabrication drawings that help eliminate much of the typical shop drawing process fragmentation and result in faster delivery, cost savings, better quality and fewer RFI’s.

Services include: Steel Connection Design; Steel Modeling; Cold Formed Steel Detailing; Concrete and Reinforcing Detailing and Special Inspections. Read more about our Construction Engineering Services…


Martin/Martin’s investigative practice was formally established in 1999 to focus on evaluation and repair of existing structures in response to our clients needs.  Initially focused exclusively on building structures, the practice was built on evaluation of distressed and/or damaged structures performed by engineers that were highly experienced in design. Read more about our Investigative Services…