Martin/Martin New 2020 Promotions Announced


LAKEWOOD, COLO. – Martin/Martin, Inc.’s 2020 promotions include six new principals, eight associates, and an additional 40 staff members:

Principal Kevin Dunham, PE
Kevin has 23 years of experience in the assessment, investigation, and rehabilitation of existing buildings including due diligence and field observation. The scope of his expertise includes investigating cases involving foundation failure, expansive soils, concrete and masonry deterioration, water infiltration, roof and building collapse, defective construction, code compliance, drainage problems, waterproofing failures, and building façade performance.

Principal Andrew Emmons, PE
Andrew is a qualified fall protection engineer and has extensive knowledge in the design, evaluation, and testing of new and existing fall protection and façade access systems. His industry experience spans 28 years, and his structural engineering experience encompasses design of reinforced concrete, cast-in-place reinforced, cast-in-place concrete, precast and post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, reinforced masonry, and wood. Additionally, Andrew is a voting committee member on the American National Standards Institute ANSI-Z359 Fall Protection Code Committee.

Principal Nick Ereckson, PE
Nick has 17 years in the industry and manages the structural design of a variety of projects including multi-use, long-span sports venues, arenas, recreation and wellness centers, open air amphitheaters, and performing arts venues. Nick’s experience includes the design of new buildings, as well as the renovation of existing facilities.

Principal Kelly G. Knowles, PE
Kelly has extensive large project experience accumulated over 21 years in the industry. He has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with leading entertainment and event industry partners, providing a wide-ranging knowledge base in the ever-changing static and dynamic demands imposed on roof systems from today’s largest shows. In addition, he has managed several large projects that included multi-tier structural consulting teams, including the Bradley Terminal Modernization project at Los Angeles International Airport, as well as the Sioux Falls and Pepperdine Events Centers.

Principal Daniel Mullins, PE, SE
Dan has 19 years of experience in structural engineering design including 10 years of experience focusing on healthcare facilities across Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Dan leads the firm’s vibration specifications and design teams, overseeing the integration of state-of-the-art technology and modified standards and specifications into our designs. Dan’s previous roles at Martin/Martin have included time as the structural department’s Technical Director, maintaining department design standards, educating staff, and keeping the department current with technical developments.

Principal Patsy Sullivan, PE
Patsy has more than 28 years of industry experience, much of it spent with Martin/Martin. She has been involved in remodel projects, feasibility studies, system modeling and civil site engineering and drainage projects, including treatment facilities, pumping stations and distribution/collection systems. Her extensive National Park Service experience provides insights to alternative development, phasing, sustainability, preservation of natural resources, attention to operation and maintenance, and designing with the visitors’ experience in mind.

Associate Promotions:
Martin/Martin promoted eight employees to Associate. They average nearly 15 years in the industry each and represent both Martin/Martin’s structural and civil disciplines. These include:

Also promoted:

Senior Project Engineer

  • Chris Adams, PE
  • Deborah Alvarado, PE
  • Hunter Brown, PE
  • C. Abraham Chen, PE, LEED AP
  • Jim Foreman, PE, SE
  • Fumitoshi Hirose, PE
  • Alexander Jording, PE


Project Engineer

  • Juan Beltran, PE
  • Michelle Black, PE
  • Logan Erf, PE
  • Bruce Hall, PE
  • Benjamin Kaiser, PE
  • Alex Potvin, PE
  • Greg Proulx, PE
  • Rachel Schall, PE
  • Tracy Scurlock, PE
  • Daniel Stewart, PE
  • Ryan Stratman, PE, LEED Green Associate
  • Mark Sundstrom, PE
  • Brian Zook, PE


Professional Engineer

  • Kevin Garrett, PE
  • Iana Ivanova, PE
  • Taylor Madden, PE



  • Austin Friday
  • Cassandra Ford
  • Thomas Ladd
  • Tom Ogren
  • Robert Orban, Jr.
  • Andrew Verratti


Senior Designer

  • Estrella Bernal


Technician III

  • Anne Latimer
  • Alejandra Contreras
  • Sean Pearson


Technician II

  • Jesus Diaz
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Michael Mata


Lead Structural Admin

  • Lindsay Roach


Project Coordinator

  • Gabrielle Hildreth
  • Jennifer Wilken


Administrative Assistant I

  • Katherine McGowan