Martin/Martin employee Geoff Martin (Project Engineer), was featured on 9news this morning. Geoff is involved with Colorado Visionaries Blind Hockey Program.

Visionaries Blind Hockey is changing lives in Colorado
Colorado’s visually impaired hockey players lace up their skates as part of the Visionaries Blind Hockey program to play the sport they love on the ice.

Author: Jeremy Chavez, Keith Prevost
Published: 10:44 AM MST February 5, 2019
Updated: 9:17 PM MST February 5, 2019
Hockey is the light in dark times for the athletes who step onto the ice.

“It means everything,” Colorado Visionaries Blind Hockey coordinator and player Geoff Martin told 9NEWS. “As much of an outlet as this is for me, it’s because of giving this opportunity to everyone, to these kids, and seeing the smiles on their faces [that] is beyond words. It’s incredible.”

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