Jerry May, NM Wastewater Treatment MBRs

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Systems entered the treatment process arena in the early 1990s, and their use has grown quite rapidly since then; current world-wide use is estimated to be over 3,000. MBRs were first designed as unsubmerged side stream processes in the 1960s. Most efficient, cost effective, and smaller capacity submerged inline MBRs were developed by the Japanese government in 1989 and led to the growth of MBR use since that time. Today MBRs in the United States range in size from individual residential systems to large-scale use, such as the 87 mgd MBR in Canton, Ohio, and Singapore in currently expanding its MBR to 317 mgd, but worldwide, MBRs with a capacity of less than 1 mgd make up the bulk of their use.

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