Emily Guglielmo Named NCSEA President

In April 2020, Emily Guglielmo became the 27th President of the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations (NCSEA), representing 44 individual state SEA’s and over 14,000 structural engineers.  She was in line to assume the Presidency in 2021, but needed to step in for the current President who resigned for health reasons. Her term runs through 3/31/2021.

Emily joins an elite list of NCSEA Presidents such as founding President Jim Cagley, Gene Corley, Ron Hamburger, Vicky Arbitrio and Jim Malley.  NCSEA leadership is a seven year commitment on a national level on top of many other years at the statewide level.

Fun facts: NCSEA was established in 1993 (coincidently in Denver) by a steering committee of five which included Jim Harris on the premise of ‘Advocating for the Practicing Structural Engineer’.  Twenty-six of the top structural engineering firms in the country have provided President leadership for NCSEA since 1993.  With Emily’s tenure underway, Martin/Martin can celebrate being the only firm in the country with two NCSEA Presidents (Ben Nelson served in 2012-2013).

Emily previously received the prestigious Sue Frey National Educator Award from NCSEA, recognizing excellence in her superlative continuing education presentations.

Please join us in congratulating Emily on her upcoming term as NCSEA President!

5-1-2020 Emily NCSEA President