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What is a Rec Committee (Recreation Committee) and what do they do?

I am one of the individuals that comprise the rec committee at Martin/Martin.  The other outstanding members are Erica Toren, Tyson Sillery, Chris Turnbull-Grimes and Andrew Stam. We all have different “jobs” or activities we have volunteered for within the committee.  That includes organizing anything from a fun run to a fun day skiing on the slopes to team basketball, we’re all over the place!!

Part of my job is to compile information for discounts on tickets to DCPA, Disney on Ice, Avalanche games and other events throughout the year.  This allows Martin/Martin staff and their families to go out and enjoy time together.  These offers aren’t just for the people at M/M, they extend to our friends and clients as well.  Colorado offers such a diverse opportunity for everyone, at any skill level and any interest, that most times there may be an overflow of opportunities/events with which one can partake.

In addition to fun events and opportunities, I am also responsible for FAC (Friday Afternoon Club).  These have included presentations, Trivia with our Board members, stories of employee traveling adventures or anything else someone would like to share over a few beers with Martin/Martin employees. The invitation is also extended to any of our colleagues outside M/M who may be interested in sharing.  If you think it’s interesting, bet your bottom dollar someone else does too!!!  Remember, drinks and snacks are always provided!

If you have suggestions, please contact me and share them.