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Stop in and say G’Day

November 26, 2013 in Civil Engineering, Staff News

Blog-BuckleyPeter Buckley,
Civil Engineer (& Aussie) –

Blog-EdwardsOffice1This is exactly what Jason Munkatchy and I did on our travels back from Grand Junction last week. We stopped in at the Martin/Martin mountain office in Edwards to say G’Day and have a look around the office. As you would expect at any self-respecting mountain office, we were warmly welcomed by the office pooch, Ollie. In fact, as we walked up to the office we noticed another friendly golden retriever standing watch at the dress shop next door.

It was after knock-off time when we arrived, but Kevin and Sean were kind enough to show us around the office. The office has an open layout with a modern, clean look; just the environment to inspire collaborative and innovative work.

Next, we were off for a bite to eat and we didn’t have to go far. On the way, we learnt about what “shoulder season” means in the Mountains. Shoulder season is the season between summer and winter.  Typically the tourist crowds are less and some local restaurants and small businesses close for cleaning or refurbishment in preparation for the winter season. The Main Street Pub (still open) served us well. We thanked the Edwards office for their hospitality and for letting us stop in and get a break from the road. If you have the opportunity to stop, I’m sure you will find our engineers in Edwards just as accommodating.

Martin/Martin, Inc. Mountain Office: 225 Main Street, Unit C101, Edwards, Colorado 81632