The Martin/Martin survey department has three survey crews equipped with the latest robotic total stations, conventional total stations and multiple GPS systems. Our surveying team offers a balanced combination of skills and experience. Team members have participated in a wide range of projects throughout Colorado and in other Western states. They have demonstrated abilities in control monumentation, ownership research, right-of-way research, topographic surveying, drainage surveying, CADD capabilities and project management. Project experience includes ALTA surveys, topographic surveying, utility locations, legal descriptions, final platting/subdivision documents, easements, right-of-way research, route surveying, preparation of land descriptions, preliminary and final design and construction layout services.

  • ALTA Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Section Breakdowns
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys
  • Right-of-way Research
  • Ownership Maps
  • Design Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Aerial Mapping Control
  • Construction Staking
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Plats
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Condominium Mapping
  • Utility Locations
  • Flood Zone Cross Sections
  • Surveying for LOMR / CLOMR


Martin/Martin’s survey department has completed hundreds of Boundary/ALTA Surveys ranging in size and complexity from small commercial lots to large land areas covering multiple sections. The survey department also prepares design and boundary surveys used by our design engineers for all types of projects ranging from residential subdivisions, large commercial projects, schools, hospitals, public infrastructure improvements, park projects, water and sewer districts improvements, federal government projects and military projects. Some examples of ALTA/Design surveys completed by Martin/Martin include the Base Area of the Winter Park Ski Area, University of Colorado Williams Village, University Hospital Expansion and the new Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Campus. We are also very familiar with the area around the Jefferson County Rocky Mountain Deaf School property because we platted and designed the Table Rock Subdivision that borders the property on the south and west.

We use Trimble TSC2 data collectors; they allow ultimate flexibility when it comes to completing a survey project. This equipment and our use of multiple industry-standard software packages allow us to use the most efficient amount of personnel and equipment to keep the cost to a minimum while meeting the client’s specific project requirements. Quality control is overseen by our two professional land surveyors who have a combined tenure with Martin/Martin of 52 years and over 71 years of combined experience


Martin/Martin survey crews have completed hundreds of construction staking projects by locating and checking any of the supplied horizontal and vertical control. We also verify existing boundary control. Crew chiefs work with in-house survey technicians to calculate information needed to complete the required staking. Martin/Martin requires that the survey crew has a current set of plans with them on a staking project to check accuracy of what is being staked and make field adjustments.


Topographic information is gathered utilizing a combination of RTK GPS field techniques and conventional total station techniques or aerial mapping depending on the size and accuracies needed for the project. In the open areas, the RTK crew can pick up twice as many points as a conventional crew. When RTK does not work, (against the existing buildings or under trees), conventional techniques are utilized. Elevations and characteristic of the underground power, telecommunication, cable television, street lighting and traffic is also collected in the field. Once fieldwork has been completed, an AutoCAD base file is created containing the topographic, boundary, easements and utility information.

Utility LocatesA4-Survey3

Martin/Martin surveyors routinely perform utility locates. Utility locates are necessary to identify and label public utility mains that are located underground. The mains can include telephone, electricity, natural gas, cable TV, fiber optics, lights, storm drains, watermains and wastewater pipelines. Location of underground utilities is important prior to construction.


Martin/Martin’s expertise includes utility mapping and GIS system design. Our background in civil engineering design services, enables us to offer our clients more than traditional conversion services. From topological data capture to conversion services, database creation, maintenance scheduling and application design, Martin/Martin offers exceptional GIS mapping services. We believe GIS mapping is an important tool for those clients interested in applying computer power to digital data and our engineers are enthusiastic about making it happen.

  • Campus Mapping
  • GIS Capable-ESRI Arc/GIS
  • Facilities Management Systems
  • Utility System Mapping