Public Works


Martin/Martin has provided engineering services to many Colorado public works departments and are familiar with the unique needs found in public works. We have represented these departments as engineer-of-record, provided extensive engineering services and presented our designs in public forums answering general and specific questions about engineering design requirements. Martin/Martin works with both large and small public works clients; our engineers are proud of the relationships we have cultivated.

Bridge DesignB-BridgePromenade-2

Martin/Martin has completed the design of numerous bridges throughout Colorado, as well as in other states. Our previous bridge projects, all of which were designed in conjunction with government and jurisdictional agencies, are proof of our ability to design for both functional needs and aesthetic qualities. Our engineers have extensive previous experience, as well as knowledge and more importantly the skills to complete our bridge design work to the highest levels while adhering to project schedule and budget constraints. Services our bridge group offer include:

  • Highway Bridges
  • Interchanges & Grade Separations
  • Pedestrian & Trail Bridges
  • Historic, Shortline, & Tourist Railroads
  • Mountain Bridges
  • Stream Crossings
  • Architecturally Enhanced Bridges & Treatments
  • Multi-Use Structures
  • Historic Bridge Assessment & Preservation
  • Retaining Walls and Miscellaneous Structures
  • Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Investigative & Forensic Studies
  • Bridge Scour & Hydraulic Analysis
  • Construction Phase Services
  • 3D Rendering

Civil Construction EngineeringA2-CES Services

Our civil engineers offer complete Construction Engineering Services (CES) at the completion of design if desired as part of the project. Martin/Martin’s CES services support the design team, protect the owner and ensure the civil portions of the project are completed as specified in the design documents. Services provided may be adjusted to accommodate multiple levels of civil engineering involvement during this portion of the work. CES services include:

  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Observation
  • Review of Shop Drawings
  • Plan Clarifications
  • Preparation of Field Orders and Change Orders
  • Weekly Coordination Meetings
  • Daily Field Observation Reports
  • Review of Monthly Pay Requests
  • Final Walk-Through Inspections


Similar to the systems that run the human body, Infrastructure is defined as the systems that run a site or development. Roads, utilities, drainage, these are all critical parts of a development and can be designed by the engineers at Martin/Martin. We have completed infrastructure design for large and small developments. Additionally, site infrastructure (systems that pertain to just one site) are a particular specialty. Martin/Martin’s infrastructure design services:

  • Highway and Roadway Planning and Design
  • Highway Access Permitting
  • Traffic Calming
  • Major Drainage and Flood Control Design
  • Utility Master planning
  • Street Widening
  • Bridges and Drainage Structures
  • Water, Storm Sewer, and Sanitary sewer planning and designs
  • Regional Stormwater System and Detention Analysis
  • Low Impact Storm Water Designs
  • Master Planning
  • 3D Modeling

Special DistrictsA3-SpecialDistricts

Martin/Martin has extensive experience assisting owner and developer clients in the formation and creation of special districts and assisting in the loan/grant programs for funding capital improvements. These may include special improvement districts, metropolitan districts, water and sanitation districts, parks/recreation facilities and drainage improvements. By statute, Colorado metropolitan districts may handle water, sewage, roads, parks and recreation, and fire and mosquito control. Services provided to special districts include:

  • ADA Compliance Analysis
  • Arterial/Collector/Local Roadways
  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Boundary/Topographic/Alta Surveys
  • Bridges
  • Complete FHWA/CDOT1601 Interchange Approval Process
  • Construction Observation
  • Construction Survey
  • Detention/Water Quality Ponds
  • Drainage
  • Environmental Assessment/Remediation
  • Flood Plain/CLOMR/LOMR Studies
  • Grading
  • Highway Design/Roadways
  • Lift Stations
  • Parking
  • Platting
  • RecreationCenter
  • Regional Parks/Trails
  • Sediment/Debris Mitigation
  • Stormwater Management
  • Stormwater Quality
  • Stream/Channel Stabilization
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Utilities
  • Water Systems
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Zoning


Martin/Martin Inc. is well suited to provide professional civil drainage services. Our staff is very experienced providing planning, design and construction related services for stormwater projects throughout Colorado. These stormwater projects have included open channels, storm sewers, bridges, box culverts and other special drainage structures. Our services have also included floodplain delineation/modification (CLOMR/LOMR) for submittal and approval by FEMA. We work continuously with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District’s Criteria Manuals, as well as with other design criteria state-wide. Our projects have required unique, thoughtful and cost effective solutions with a continual eye towards sustainability and specific watershed requirements. Services include:

  • Major Drainage and Flood Control Design
  • FEMA Letter of Map Corrections (CLOMR/LOMR)
  • FEMA Coordination
  • Urban Drainage and Flood District Coordination
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Low Impact Designs and Sustainable Water Quality Features
  • Regional Drainage
  • Master Drainage Design/Master Planning
  • Nonpoint Source Management
  • Municipal Storm Sewer Evaluation
  • Channel Improvements
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • USACE Permitting (404 Permitting)


Transportation is more then how we get to the office – Our engineers can provide the necessary expertise to analyze potential transit impacts related to proposed project plan alternatives. We offer our clients assurance that our findings and recommendations are cohesive with the existing area roadway network, and are consistent with other plans for a project’s region. Martin/Martin will work directly with the various associated review agencies’ staff (i.e., CDOT, municipal departments and adjacent municipalities) to create a coordinated effort for access and connectivity to the surrounding roadway system, and any planned infrastructure improvements and changes. These efforts could then be utilized to determine the potential impact to both the existing and future designated areas related to the project area.

Martin/Martin can assist in developing project conceptual designs so that proposed alternatives are realistic. We will provide the client with the necessary assistance in preparing applicable sections of a report pertaining to vehicular and pedestrian circulation and safety, identifying parking needs and utilizing available transit accommodations. Finally, Martin/Martin will be available to attend the appropriate project, committee and public meetings throughout the course of the project. Transportation services:

  • Roadway Designs
  • Bridge Design and Analysis
  • Traffic and Transportation Reports
  • Mass Transit Facilities
  • Coordination with PUC and LocalMunicipalities
  • Circulation – Vehicular and Pedestrian


Martin/Martin has been involved with numerous small communities, national agencies and special districts in the planning, design, permitting and construction of wastewater treatment facilities and other wastewater related services. Our firm has processed many Site Location Applications and Preliminary Effluent Limitation requests through the Colorado Department of Public Health’s Water Quality Control Division. We have worked directly for several sanitation districts in the capacity of District Engineer while working within almost all Special Districts in the Denver Metro area. Our experience includes full master planning, improvement program derivation and implementation, GIS maintenance and mapping, sanitary design, construction documents, bidding, construction administration and project closeout. In addition to system improvements using various forms of CIPP and mainline replacement/rehabilitation, we have extensive experience in administering projects having multiple elements/tasks/schedules and financial requirements. Services offered include:

  • Wastewater Collection
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Lift Station Design
  • State & Local Permit Processes
  • District Engineer Services
  • Development Review
  • Annual Capital Improvements Program
  • Design Build & Alternative Contract Delivery
  • Water Reclamation & Reuse
  • Treatment Alternative Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Flow Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for Infrastructure Improvements
  • Modeling
  • Estimating Construction Cost
  • Annual Budget Assistance
  • Survey
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Management
  • GIS Mapping And Integrated Maintenance Program
  • Alternative Rehabilitation Studies
  • Rate Studies
  • Funding Sources

Water SystemsA3-Water

Martin/Martin engineers can demonstrate significant experience in water system design (potable and non-potable) including water distribution systems and water lines, pump stations, utilities improvement design, water engineering design, water treatment facilities, storage tanks, tertiary processes, wetlands design, ground water monitoring, water resources, and effluent reservoir design and monitoring. Services have included design of new pump stations/infrastructure as well as civil engineering evaluation and renovation of existing pump stations/infrastructure.

  • Utility Mapping, GIS Mapping & Integrated Maintenance Program
  • Utility Master Planning
  • District Engineer Services
  • Route Analysis
  • Hydraulic Modeling & Designs
  • Pump System Analysis & Design
  • Water Transmission Design
  • Water Supply Evaluation
  • Metering/Valves & Vault Evaluation & Design
  • Plan & Profile Design
  • Review Authority Services
  • Jurisdictional Approvals Permit Processes
  • Rate Studies
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Document Creation
  • Utility Condition Analysis
  • Survey
  • Construction Staking
  • Row Analysis & Planning
  • Water Storage – Reservoir, Above & Below Ground Tanks
  • Estimating Construction Cost
  • Annual Budget Assistance
  • Well Analysis & Water Treatment
  • Booster Pump Station
  • Water Treatment
  • Cross Connection Evaluation & Control
  • Above & Below Grade Storage  Delete, Already Called Out
  • Fire Flow Modeling
  • Funding Sources