Investigative Engineering


Martin/Martin’s Investigative Team is part of our Structural Engineering Department and was established to focus on the evaluation and repair of existing buildings for clients such as Property Managers, Homeowners Associations, Building Owners, Architects, Attorneys, Contractors, Government entities and Insurance Agencies. Unlike most investigative engineering firms, we have experienced structural engineers who apply what they have learned from previous design projects. We enjoy working closely with our clients to develop strategies that will be economical and meet the needs of the building owners and users.

We have the extensive experience and special tools required to determine existing conditions, perform non-destructive testing and analyze the load capacity of existing structures. The Investigative Team prepares surveys, reports, cost estimates and repair documents for consultation, permitting, negotiation during bidding and construction. We also provide on-site observations during the execution of repair work

Building Access/Roof Anchorage/Fall ProtectionA5-INV-FallProtect

Martin/Martin’s investigative group has a significant amount of expertise in the area of inspection/evaluation, design, retrofit, load testing and certification of rooftop anchorage systems used for building facade access and fall protection. Martin/Martin, Inc. offers these specialty services within our Investigative Team:

  • Determination of load carrying capacities of existing structures
  • Evaluation, design, load testing and certification of roof anchorages for fall protection
  • Design and strengthening of parapet walls
  • Design of permanent guard rails
  • Annual inspections and 10-year load testing

Building Envelope/Waterproofing ServicesA5-INV-Waterproof

Water infiltration and moisture intrusion can be more than a nuisance to building owners as these often lead to premature decay and damage of building components. In order to address moisture intrusion issues, Martin/Martin believes it is important to accurately assess the water infiltration issues and then provide practical recommendations to address the problem most effectively. We work closely with owners and building engineers to thoroughly investigate the infiltration issues, recommend and perform testing to define problems, and develop necessary repairs and remediation.

Due DiligenceA5-INV-DueDiligence

Martin/Martin personnel have performed engineering evaluations for due diligence to identify development opportunities and constraints for a variety of clients. Many due diligence reports, investigations and project reviews have been prepared for private buyers, municipalities and lending institutions for purchasing, financing, sale or renovation of properties. Work has included evaluations of existing facilities and reviews of documents for code compliance, and has encompassed utilities, drainage, transportation and geotechnical and environmental conditions. Martin/Martin investigative team provides the following due diligence services:

  • Evaluation and condition appraisal of structural symptoms
  • Oversight of other consultants to also address mechanical, electrical, architectural, facade, roofing
  • Solutions and recommendations with cost estimates
  • Analysis and design for repair
  • Construction repair

Failure Analysis

Structural system failures can be caused by many different factors from a flaw in structural design, flawed construction or the more common extreme inclement weather and unanticipated emergency situations like a structure fire. Martin/Martin’s investigative team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week to assess structural failures when they happen, verify safety issues on-site and deduce the cause of the failure for insurance purposes or as an expert witness in a lawsuit.

Historical Structural AssessmentsA5-INV-Historic

Engineering services for an Historic Structures Assessment may include on-site inspection and condition assessment/structural analysis, coordination of material testing, recommendation for load rating, repair design, preservation of the aesthetics while ensuring and enhancing the capacity, planning, construction administration for site investigation and construction supervision.

Non-Destructive TestingA5-INV-NonDestruct

Our investigative team utilizes comprehensive tools for non-destructive testing of structures. Each engineer on the team is thoroughly trained on our non-destructive testing equipment. Examples of equipment include:

  • Boroscope with 14” probe
  • Comparative micrometers
  • Digital cameras and video recorder
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • GSSI GPR UtilityScan
  • Hockey puck shooter
  • Humidity meter
  • Impact-echo concrete thickness gauge
  • Laser level
  • Moisture meter
  • Overhead concrete sounder
  • Pachometer


The need for greener solutions to the built environment has pushed the adaptive re-use of building design to be a much more common solution today then several years ago. The investigative engineers at Martin/Martin can determine the suitability of proposed remodels, additions and adaptive re-use for our clients, as well as performing lateral system evaluations and upgrades, when the structure requires it.

Parking Garage Assessments, Maintenance and RepairsA5-INV-Garage

Parking garages, by design, are exposed to much more severe stresses to their structures then other buildings. They are open to the elements, water infiltration, freeze and thaw, as well as the changing live loads carried by the structure due to the automobiles that occupy them. Martin/Martin’s engineers can offer our clients condition and damage assessments of structural members and decks, engineering reports with repair/maintenance recommendations, as well as long term maintenance plans and development of multi-year budgets.