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Recruitment at Colorado School of Mines

March 22, 2013 in Employee Recruitment

G-Blog-Stackhouse-JacquiJacqui Stackhouse, PE,
Civil Engineer –

Rob Frankenberger and I recently had the opportunity to recruit at the Colorado School of Mines Career Day. As alumni of the local engineering school, it was an enjoyable and nostalgic experience to go back for the event. We were very impressed with the caliber of students that we met that day. In fact, we interviewed and extended offers to a few of the students who stood out most to us.

So what is it that makes a lasting impression upon recruiters at Career Day?

CSM Alumni at M/M

CSM Alumni at M/M

  • Remember that you are making a first impression and this could be your ticket to get your foot in the door. Come prepared with your resume and dressed like you want a job.
  • Introduce yourself and take an interest in the company. You should be the one to tell us about yourself and ask us your questions to lead the conversation, rather than expecting us to draw out the information you would like us to know about you and guess what you might like to know about us.
  • Lastly, try to relax and be yourself. We tended to be more drawn to the students who carried on a conversation and seemed confident and comfortable than those who were overly nervous or scripted.

It was a pleasure to meet so many current Mines students and we are excited to be bringing a couple graduates on board to work for the Martin/Martin team. We hope we have the opportunity to return next year!