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One Child at a Time

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Big Brothers and Big Sisters is making a difference in the world, one child at a time. There are statistics that prove children who are mentored by Big Brothers or Big Sisters are more likely to graduate high school.  This is why I decided to become a big sister.

Raising two children isn’t easy with a disability and as a single mother. That is why Barb*, Jane’s* mother, reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters for help; and is the reason why I got the opportunity to be a big sister to Jane, which was a life changing experience.

Jane struggled with keeping a positive outlook on her future.  For some reason, she believed she would never graduate from high school or be able to go to college.  This was a very eye opening experience for me because I had a completely different view of my future when I was her age.

Throughout our time, I would share my experience and help her see a more positive approach to her future.  More than several years have passed and I am happy to say Jane is doing well and she is in her second semester in college.

Visit this link to find a Big Brother Big Sister program in your area.

*names are changed to keep their privacy.