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Martin/Martin’s 6th Annual Kickball Game Highlights

August 10, 2015 in Staff News, Structural Engineering

Waldo Luke BWLuke Waldo, 
Investigative Project Engineer –

I am happy to report to all of you that the 6th Annual Martin/Martin, Inc. interdepartmental kickball game (Kick-a-Bowl 6) went off largely without a hitch*.

While the previous five iterations of our kickballing have been centered around the camaraderie and generally (but not always) work-appropriate banter that so often accompanies engineers engaged in competitive athletic activities, this year’s event took a slightly different route.

For this year’s Kick-a-Bowl, it was decided we would Kick For a Cause – the company’s Board of Directors approved funding for charitable donations, and the civil and structural departments each selected a charity to represent on the Diamond of Doom. Beyond that, employees were allowed to donate additional funds towards either charity; these donations would accumulate towards various incentives for the game (extra outs in an inning, runs count for double, etc.)

As of the first pitch, Kick For a Cause had raised a total of $6,545 towards ACE (the structural department’s charity) and the Wounded Warrior Project (the civil department’s charity). Donations came in from all levels within the company. Thank you to the employees, the Board of Directors, and Stellar Catering (who donated all proceeds from our food order)! Thank you to the marketing and admin staff who helped organize the various details necessary for a most excellent kickball game!

To summarize the game for those of you outside the office (and those M/M employees who remained billable while a good 40+ employees ran around and kicked a piece of playground equipment for the greater part of the afternoon…

While I was slightly preoccupied (don’t worry, that’s my kid) for some of the game, I can say that it was a great contest. Highlights included people kicking the ball, people watching other people kicking the ball, performing interpretive dances of questionable quality**, and a final score of 4 runs for the structural side vs. 5 for the civils.

This brings the overall record for the series even at 3-3***. I’m sure I don’t need to emphasize how important this makes next year’s game – our children and their children’s children will undoubtedly speak in respectfully hushed tones when passing down the story of Kick-a-Bowl 7…

Again, thanks to all those who helped! Until next year!

Luke Waldo, PE
Played Enthusiastically


*  I consider it a hitch that the civil department won, but then again I’m incredibly biased…
**  …this may be my favorite photo of the series…
***  2010 Inaugural Kick-a-BowlStructural, 2011 Kick-a-bowl II: The KickeningStructural, 2012 Kick-a-Bowl 3: The Civils Strike BackCivil, 2013 KaB IV (untitled, superheroes)Civil, 2014 KaB V (untitled, cinco de mayo)Structural, 2015 KaB VI: Kick for a CauseCivil