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It’s Much Easier to Make Your Career Goals A Reality When Your Employer Is Willing to Invest In You

May 11, 2015 in Staff News

Brenna Karmigios
– Accounting Assistant

Karamigios, Brenna - BWGraduation is just around the corner. It’s been four grueling years of working full-time while finishing out my bachelors in Accounting. I understand that I’m only balancing work and school while others have work, school and children (I’m a firm believer, by the way,  that those who do that are crazy) but I’m milking what’s left of my time to gripe and grumble about it. Luckily for me, most of my courses have been offered online allowing me to study at my convenience. There have been a handful of classes that have required me to physically sit in a classroom. Not my favorite, but a necessary step toward finishing the degree.

Throughout this process it has been quite difficult to schedule on-campus courses around the work day. Some classes conveniently start at 6pm or after while others not so conveniently begin at 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon. Not exactly “work friendly.” Fortunately for me, Martin/Martin (MM) is incredibly flexible with my school schedule. I’m urged to leave early for class and make up my hours later. I have the full support of my supervisor and MM management to do so.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to work for a company that is as supportive and flexible as Martin/Martin. Without this encouragement, graduation wouldn’t be approaching so quickly and I wouldn’t be considering additional accounting certifications. It’s much easier to make your goals a reality when the company you work for is willing to invest in you.

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