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Field Trip to CSU for Recruitment

March 22, 2013 in Employee Recruitment

G-Blog-Lorenger-MelyssaMelyssa Lorenger, PE,
Civil Engineer –

Jane Aschermann and I attended the Engineering Career Fair at ColoradoStateUniversity in February. We spent the day chatting with many potential candidates for new hires at Martin/Martin. It is always refreshing meeting young students excited about the possibilities their futures hold. The heavy decision of where to begin a career as a Civil Engineer is understated; often new graduates just want a job. G-CSU-032213But the decision is so important in the definition of your self and life. Will you be a big-city engineer doing site design for glamorous sky rises? Or maybe a government reviewer ensuring new designs meet local aesthetic and safety requirements? Should you be a construction engineer meeting the schedule and cost budget of your client and watching your project come to life daily?

(All roles within civil engineering are of equal importance but allow me to be biased and say that I think site development is the best!)

It is a great experience that career fairs present. For college students, it is an opportunity to distribute their resume with the hope of scoring an interview. For me, it was a day away from calculations and reports to brag about all of the fantastic things we are doing here at Martin/Martin. Jane and I had a very successful day at the career fair and are looking forward to seeing new faces around the office!