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October 24, 2013 in New Services, Structural Engineering

Blog-StanchevRado Stanchev,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-HutColorado in the winter is one beautiful and snowy place! For those of us that like the winter months, as well as adventures, I would recommend a company “Hut Trip.” Every year Martin/Martin organizes a Hut Trip in which only the most avid and passionate skiers join in. This experience not only presents challenging back-country skiing with amazing mountain views in the remote wilderness, but first and foremost – it is a great time spent with colleagues.

Last year’s trip was in February in the mountains of Aspen, CO. After arriving at the resort we took the gondola to the top of the mountain and continued back-country skiing for about 7 miles to the hut, (a small log cabin with a wood burning stove and no water). Getting to the hut included climbing numerous hills and skiing down narrow paths. This adventure requires everyone to carry a large hiking backpack that includes a sleeping bag, food supply to last you a few days, clothes, and avalanche safety equipment. All of that required weight is in addition to the back-country skiing equipment. After skiing at about 11,000 feet everyone was exhausted, anticipating a drink of water and looking for just about anything warm.

The following day was another adventure. Lots of energy was needed for climbing ridges and getting around dense trees, ultimately ending at a high point before skiing down through thick powdered snow. At the high point we got to see amazing mountain summits, thick forests and experience the wild nature of the Rocky Mountains. That evening it was time for a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine, which set the tone for singing and storytelling.

This was an adventure of a lifetime and I truly look forward to similar experiences in the near future.