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Education, BIM, and Giving Back

Blog-RobisonTyler Robison,
Structural Engineer –

Habitat_for_Humanity_LogoAs I start a new chapter of my career in joining Martin/Martin, I have been able to reflect back on the milestones that have shaped and molded who I am and where my career has taken me.  One aspect of my past that stands out, is my time in Laramie as a student at the University of Wyoming working on designs for a new Habitat for Humanity development.

Early on in my tenure at the University of Wyoming, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of a student-lead design team working directly with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.  We were tasked with creating a ten-unit development that would foster building a positive and nurturing environment for its future residents.  Little did I know I would develop many skills during that project that have helped my career develop into what it is today.

One of the requirements for the Habitat project was that all of the document creation was to be done using Revit.  This gave me the opportunity to develop my Revit skills early on, which has almost become a requirement for a young engineer entering the workplace.  Another part of the project that I continue to carry with me is the hands-on experience I received at the job site during the volunteer builds, as well as working with the Habitat for Humanity construction manager, solving problems.  That hands-on experience has proven to be invaluable for me, both when working through details for our designs and when working with the contractor during the CA phase.

As we all move forward through our careers, I encourage everyone to look for similar opportunities to give back.  You never know how great of an impact it will have on you until you participate.