William (Bill) Willis, PE

William (Bill) Willis, PE

Principal, Civil Engineering

Bill has been principal-in-charge and/or project manager for many of the firm’s water, wastewater, site/land development and redevelopment projects, including a variety of sports/recreation, TOD, mixed-use on-call/IDIQ and capital infrastructure projects. His diverse experience extends to projects that encompass master planning, feasibility studies, roadways, utilities, drainage, grading and storm water management. He has substantial experience with using sustainable, LEED design concepts.

Bill enjoys working with clients, co-workers and project stakeholders, as is evident in the energetic professional relationships that he has cultivated for nearly 30 years. He has worked extensively with municipalities and more than 20 special or metropolitan districts, for which he has served as district engineer. Bill’s federal government experience includes such long-term clients as the National Park Service, the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

When initiating a project, Bill’s informal, idea-driven discussions with clients enhance project understanding and invite a collaborative approach. His project success stems from his strong communication skills, technical ability and extensive jurisdictional agency experience. Clients know they will get a dedicated approach and quick response from Bill and his team when they call. They expect—and get—quality, innovative, budget-conscious solutions that have kept them coming back to Martin/Martin through the years.

Bill has been with the firm since 1984 (KKBNA 1981-1988), and is a principal and a member of the board of directors. Even in his leisure time, Bills says the principles of engineering are not far away as he finds ways to apply them to his golf game and other sports.