Raymond Tuttle, PE

Raymond Tuttle, PE

Principal, Civil Engineering

Ray began his Martin/Martin career several decades ago with civil design of land development projects. While the market has shifted from residential to commercial/office land development, Ray continues to specialize in the field.

Land development encompasses many aspects of civil engineering including roadways, utility layout and studies, grading and drainage studies. Incorporated into these services are planning and conceptual layout, zoning, platting, hydrology, hydraulics, water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

As a seasoned principal-in-charge and/or project manager for hundreds of projects, Ray demonstrates time and again that his extensive familiarity with multiple jurisdictions in Colorado is vital to project success. He saves clients time and resources because he understands the process required to get approval from jurisdictional agencies so that a building project can move ahead.

Ray views his clients as business partners. He knows that good project management hinges on listening to and understanding the developer’s vision for a project, determining the best way to deliver that vision, and incorporating value engineering into each project he designs. Ray keeps up on the latest technology, works with and mentors his team, and collaborates with other civil design teams to develop the best solutions possible for the client.

Ray has been with Martin/Martin since 1984 (KKBNA 1981-1988). Outside the office his focus switches to becoming a different kind of engineer as Ray enjoys his hobby as a model railroad builder.