Patrick Horn, PE, CFM

Patrick Horn, PE, CFM

Principal, Civil Engineering

As Martin/Martin’s certified floodplain manager, Pat handles a wide variety of municipal drainage and flood control projects. He is an expert in facility-wide stormwater system rehabilitation, structural stability and dam operations, as well.

With more than 20 years’ experience in drainage and land development projects, Pat is well versed in the FEMA floodplain modification process and the National Flood Insurance Program. The detailed hydraulic analysis and mapping that he does at project sites determines the design options that can keep structures free from flooding and drainage problems. If your project site is in a floodplain, you’ll want Pat on your team.

A well-rounded engineer and committed team player, Pat is experienced in project management, design and construction supervision of a wide range of projects. These include major drainage and flood control facilities, sewage collection systems, water distribution systems, roadways and highways, and a variety of site improvements for various projects. His familiarity and experience with local processes and code requirements are invaluable to clients, who benefit from Pat’s cost-effective design solutions.

Pat joined Martin/Martin in 1997. In his free time he is a fan and enthusiast of the sports played by his sons, with whom he enjoys outdoor activities.