Elizabeth Jones, PE, SE

Elizabeth Jones, PE, SE

Principal, Structural Engineering

As a co-manager of the structural Investigative Services Team, Elizabeth has many roles. She is a principal with more than 25 years of experience in new building construction, and existing building evaluations and retrofits. Her specialty is seismic strengthening of concrete structures, which she researched for her graduate degree.

Working in Arizona and California prior to joining Martin/Martin, Elizabeth concentrated on evaluation and seismic retrofit of older and historic buildings including federal courthouses and office buildings for a wide variety of owners. In Colorado, where she has lived since 2004, the push has been for federal building retrofits.

Elizabeth’s seismic evaluation work is not limited to high-seismic zones, but extends to low- and moderate zones, as well, especially older buildings. Many times she has found during her investigations that the overall lateral system of such structures is not adequate and needs to be addressed.

In addition to her seismic expertise, Elizabeth considers herself a jack-of-all-trades. She has been project manager for the structural design of commercial, residential, institutional and government projects for a variety of clients encompassing different structure types.

As a manager and principal Elizabeth cultivates a philosophy that communication, proactive involvement, and understanding the client’s needs and goals result in project success and client satisfaction. She embraces the “big picture” team and project approach to suggest ideas and approaches that will advance the entire project, not just structural engineering components.

At work, Elizabeth genuinely enjoys interacting with architects and discussing building design. Away from the job she enjoys Colorado outdoors activities with her family.