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Veterans Day Appreciation

Blog-ErecksonRenee Ereckson,
Structural Engineer –

Captain David Gillaspie - Served in Vietnam 1967-68.

Captain David Gillaspie – Served in Vietnam 1967-68.

Martin/Martin has 10 employees who have served or are serving our country in the Armed Forces.  Last Friday evening, one of those veterans, Dave Gillaspie, gave an impromptu presentation on his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam … Continue Reading

Do a Good Turn Daily

Blog-BoswellAdam Boswell,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-leaves“Do a good turn daily” – that’s the slogan for the Venturing Crew that I volunteer with.  Last Saturday it was raking leaves for the elderly neighbor of one of our crew members.  Earlier in the fall it was building a compost bin for the … Continue Reading

A Campaign of Giving Back

Blog-FarrellCaryn Farrell,
Structural Administrative Assistant –

Gives Back Hand OnlyMartin/Martin has a tradition of volunteering for projects and causes. Many benefit the community while others help publicize the role and importance of engineering in our everyday lives. This past year we launched a dedicated, company-wide campaign of giving back to the community, we … Continue Reading

Why Beekeeping?

Blog-WilliamsonJedidiah Williamson,
Structural Investigative Engineer –

Blog-Bees1I am a hobby beekeeper and, when people find this out, they often have many questions.  How many times have you been stung? (Lots!)  Does it hurt? (Usually only for a second.)  Where do you keep the bees? (In my back yard.)  How did … Continue Reading

Exploring the Wilderness

Blog-StanchevRado Stanchev,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-HutColorado in the winter is one beautiful and snowy place! For those of us that like the winter months, as well as adventures, I would recommend a company “Hut Trip.” Every year Martin/Martin organizes a Hut Trip in which only the most avid and passionate … Continue Reading