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The Golden Super Cruise

Blog-MockRoger Mock –
Structural Engineer,

Blog-Supercruisea1Growing up, I remember my dad taking me down to the local Krystal’s (a fast food restaurant) on the 1st Saturday of the month to check out the small car meet.  It wasn’t anything big, just a group of about 2 dozen guys meeting up … Continue Reading

The Rec Committee

Blog-BernalEstrella Bernal,
Civil CAD Technician –

What is a Rec Committee (Recreation Committee) and what do they do?

I am one of the individuals that comprise the rec committee at Martin/Martin.  The other outstanding members are Erica Toren, Tyson Sillery, Chris Turnbull-Grimes and Andrew Stam. We all have different “jobs” … Continue Reading

Martin/Martin Sponsors Engineers Without Borders

Blog-Turnbull-GrimesChris Turnbull-Grimes
Structural Engineer –

Blog-EWB3In college, I had the incredible privilege of acting as a project manager for Engineers Without Borders (EWB) working with the community of San Antonio Abad, El Salvador on a water distribution and treatment system.  That formative experience instilled a sense of service and led … Continue Reading

Martin/Martin Continues ARE Seminars in 2014

Blog-StamAndrew Stam,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-ArchiExamMany structural engineers are unaware of this, but comparable to our licensure process via the P.E. and the newly introduced S.E. examinations, architects are also required to undergo a similar process of licensure.

In fact, we engineers are required only to take a single one-day … Continue Reading

When Healthy is a Hoax

Blog-PetersLinda Peters,
Structural Engineer –

Have you ever really stopped to think about the food you put in your body?  But you buy the low fat peanut butter and diet soda… you must be doing something good for your body, right?  Or maybe you have a “meal replacement” shake because … Continue Reading