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Work, Life, Marriage, and Parenting (with Twins!!)

DBlog-HallDavid Hall,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-lifeWork-life balance…a great oxymoron. How do you begin to achieve such stability? Well, I’m becoming more gifted at it. My wife, Monica, and I were blessed with Luke in August 2012 and then found out we were pregnant with identical twin girls, Lizzy and … Continue Reading

Education, BIM, and Giving Back

Blog-RobisonTyler Robison,
Structural Engineer –

Habitat_for_Humanity_LogoAs I start a new chapter of my career in joining Martin/Martin, I have been able to reflect back on the milestones that have shaped and molded who I am and where my career has taken me.  One aspect of my past that stands out, … Continue Reading

Another Math Problem

Blog-ErecksonNNick Ereckson,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-Math2I am 35 years old.  I have no kids and no intimate knowledge of the education system.  As the country transitions to the “new common core curriculum” I am observing it with passing curiosity, specifically as it relates to math.

Math is important to me … Continue Reading

One Child at a Time

Structural Engineer – Blog-Bigs

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is making a difference in the world, one child at a time. There are statistics that prove children who are mentored by Big Brothers or Big Sisters are more likely to graduate high school.  This is why I decided to become a … Continue Reading

What is Your Credit (giving) Rating?

Blog-RempelRalph Rempel,
Structural Engineer –

Some of us know our financial credit rating and others do not, but even if you do, your rating may or may not be important to you. You may have similar feelings about receiving professional credit for your work. The problem is, getting credit for … Continue Reading