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Work, Life, Marriage, and Parenting (with Twins!!)

DBlog-HallDavid Hall,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-lifeWork-life balance…a great oxymoron. How do you begin to achieve such stability? Well, I’m becoming more gifted at it. My wife, Monica, and I were blessed with Luke in August 2012 and then found out we were pregnant with identical twin girls, Lizzy and … Continue Reading

Education, BIM, and Giving Back

Blog-RobisonTyler Robison,
Structural Engineer –

Habitat_for_Humanity_LogoAs I start a new chapter of my career in joining Martin/Martin, I have been able to reflect back on the milestones that have shaped and molded who I am and where my career has taken me.  One aspect of my past that stands out, … Continue Reading

One Child at a Time

Structural Engineer – Blog-Bigs

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is making a difference in the world, one child at a time. There are statistics that prove children who are mentored by Big Brothers or Big Sisters are more likely to graduate high school.  This is why I decided to become a … Continue Reading

Two Weeks at Yankee Stadium

G-Blog-Lorenger-MelyssaMelyssa Lorenger,
Civil Engineer –

Blog-NY1I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the big city at Yankee Stadium in January. Wait, a civil engineer working at Yankee Stadium?  You read that right.

Blog-NY3It turns out late January was a busy time in New York with 2 large National … Continue Reading

The Rec Committee

Blog-BernalEstrella Bernal,
Civil CAD Technician –

What is a Rec Committee (Recreation Committee) and what do they do?

I am one of the individuals that comprise the rec committee at Martin/Martin.  The other outstanding members are Erica Toren, Tyson Sillery, Chris Turnbull-Grimes and Andrew Stam. We all have different “jobs” … Continue Reading