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Civil Recruiting

Blog-AschermannJane Aschermann,
Civil Engineer –

Blog-RecruitFebruary is the month for Martin/Martin Civil recruiting where we “shop” local college career fairs for new potential employees.  The University of Colorado Career Fair starts the season off on February 10th, followed by Colorado School of Mines on February 11th, and Colorado State University … Continue Reading

A Football Simile

Blog-SmithBret Smith,
Civil Engineer –

What if your typical project design team was a football team? In honor of the NFL Postseason, I’ve placed some typical Design Team project members into their comparative roles on a football team:

Architects – Head Coach “You guys line up alphabetically by height.” -Former … Continue Reading

Eighteen Years

Blog-GeigerMicah Geiger,
Civil CAD Operator –

It has been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I’ve seen that to be true in my eighteen years with Martin/Martin.  We are all parts of that whole. Together we have built something.  Whether our stamp and ink … Continue Reading

♪♫ I’ve Been Working on the Railroad ♪♫

Blog-MarshallNathan Marshall,
Civil Engineer –

Blog-Train1Bruce Haynes and I recently completed a field evaluation of 26 bridges for the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. Thankfully the weather was fantastic, no rain and 50+ degrees. The trip provided a much needed break from Colorado’s bitter cold. The GSMR railroad line runs just … Continue Reading

Stop in and say G’Day

Blog-BuckleyPeter Buckley,
Civil Engineer (& Aussie) –

Blog-EdwardsOffice1This is exactly what Jason Munkatchy and I did on our travels back from Grand Junction last week. We stopped in at the Martin/Martin mountain office in Edwards to say G’Day and have a look around the office. As you would expect at … Continue Reading