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All On The Table

Blog-SuarezRob Suarez,
Structural Engineer –

Blog-Table1Martin/Martin got a new piece of furniture a few months ago.  That hardly sounds like news, until you consider that it is our brand new conference room table.  In an effort to have a conference room table that met our needs and was uniquely Martin/Martin, we decided to design our own.  A design competition was held to harness and filter through all of the innovative ideas flowing through the office.  Architects Gillian Johnson, Michael Brendle, and Robin Ault were generous enough to serve as our distinguished panel of judges for an entertaining presentation of designs.  Charles Keyes assisted the winning team of Dwight Gilbert, Garth Scholl, Dezi Mackey, and Rob Suarez, with some further consulting from Gillian, to shape the proposed design into the table that we have today.  The design process considered a range of criteria to balance form and function.  We even used 3D parametric modeling techniques to quickly cycle through design options in real time for productive and efficient collaborative design meetings.

Blog-Table2The new conference room table offers many features that make it a fun and functional gathering space.  The glass table top provides an openness to the expansive surface while allowing the trussed steel base to stand paramount.  The new chairs are a sleek, elegant, and comfortable complement.  Each end includes a central port above the table legs providing power, audio/visual input, and data connections, to allow participants to plug in for a work session or make a presentation on the wall-mounted monitor.

Mike Mancarella of JunoWorks facilitated the fabrication and installation of the table, as well as providing valuable input during the design process.  From the model of the table, M/M was able to provide CAD files of the table base for the automated cutting of the steel plate.  After bead blasting, the base was installed in the room, and the power and data connections were made.  The glass surface was brought in to provide the final touches, and we had a new conference room table!

Stop by and check it out.