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A Bowling Win for the Ages

May 26, 2015 in Staff News

Marshall-Nathan-BW-128x170LAKEWOOD, COLO.
Nathan Marshall, PE – Senior Project Engineer/Civil Engineering-Bridges

The echoing of pins and laughter fills the air in this quaint, suburban bowling alley.  The accompanying arcade games chirp mindlessly, eager to lure the individual with too much change.  In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the final day of the 2015 Martin/Martin (M/M) Spring bowling season is winding down.  My bowling partner, Matt Schneider, machine-like throws another perfect toss down the lane…splashing the pins around like dominos.  “The extra grease on the lanes from Egg Roll day always seems to help,” I thought.  With a few more strikes and spares, Matt and I wrapped up two excellent games.  Unlike previous seasons, no postseason choking this year…no… at this moment, April 22, 2015, two new champions are born!

Blog-bowling-imageThe stakes could not have been higher.  Our lead going into the last day was a mere 1.5 games with three critical more at stake that day.  Our nearest competitor, the New York Yankees of our bowling league, was the perennial winner of the M/M Wednesday bowling league.  In fact, the captain of the team had just recently rolled a 300 game.  They were the toughest of competitors and would not relinquish the champion’s throne easily.  This bowling season had been grueling… oftentimes requiring Friday lunchtime make-up sessions due to training seminars on Wednesdays.  While most were off enjoying delicious pulled pork sandwiches at the local delicatessen, Matt and I honed our craft in the hollow, empty lanes.  Weekends were equally spent punishingly practicing just the right amount of bowling ball spin…all the while eating fried foods and partaking in adult beverages.  Yes, it is true what they say.  Champions are not born…they are made.

Yes, the taste of victory is certainly sweet.  Admiration comes from all sides.  Just knowing how we have inspired so many through our bowling victory is so heart-warming.  I received a letter from a junior engineer that read, “Nate and Matt (mainly Nate), provide a great example for a new EIT I to look up to both on and off the lanes. I hope to one day reach their level of success in the company and in the Winter Brunswick Wednesday Lunch Bowling League.  Sincerely, Greg Proulx.” Charles Barkley was wrong…athletes are role models.  However, a champion’s quest is never over.  The next season will begin again in August and more equally hungry competitors will be inspired to climb to the top and dislodge us from our mighty throne.