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Living out the Glory Days

January 5, 2016 in Civil Engineering, Staff News

Bejarano Dominic BW

Dominic Bejarano, CAD Technician – You  may think an engineering firm would be a bunch of skinny desk nerds or heavy, out of shape people, but it turns out we can be very athletic. I was a college athlete as well as many of my coworkers. We’re all still trying to live out the glory days of when we were in shape, actually weighed a decent amount and didn’t have to wear braces. Now, we wear squeaky knee braces, ankle braces, etc.

I have been part of two championship teams at Martin/Martin, football and soccer. I was amazed the first time I saw some of my fellow co-workers play sports with so much intensity and skill. The first time I was invited to play coed football I thought of no contact, no intensity, and most certainly no competiveness, but, once again I was wrong. Turns out we have some really great athletes, both male and female, and the competiveness was outrageous. What I’ve come to learn here at M/M is that we are the true definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” We love to work, but playing sports and being active is in our DNA. I will continue to play sports even after I’m told “you should hang up your cleats”, just like the rest of the people in the office who have joined the POP (PAST OUR PRIME) club. We will continue to live our dream through coed sports, taking them way too seriously, getting into arguments with refs, and injuring our bodies, all the while knowing we are not going to make the ESPN highlights.

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