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2013 Axium Training Workshop

June 24, 2013 in Staff News

Blog-HillVVicky Hill,
Accounting Department –

I recently attended the 2013 Axium Training Workshop course in Portland Oregon for Ajera Everyday Users. The weather was rainy, but comfortable.  The training was a refresher course for me, but I did learn a few tips and tricks about the software.  I am continuing to learn different features of the software and my goal is to create reports with little difficulty. I thought the courses could be broken down a bit more based from a learning curve of participants and made the suggestion to Axium for their next Workshop.

Axium will be releasing their newest update of Ajera 8 in the near future and it’s my understanding that we can customize an individuals Dashboard for his/her needs or likes.

I attended a social event one evening with the Axium support team and had fun. This helped me recognize a name with a face when I needed to call for support and spoke with any team member.

Ajera is a program Martin/Martin has used for a year and a half now for our Accounting needs.